7 Cool Ways For Freight Brokers To Say Thank You

Most top sales people and business owners have learned the value of saying thank you to their customers.  Here are just a few ideas that freight brokers and freight agents can use the next time you want to show your appreciation!

1) Send a unique/customized gift (See pic)
2) Send a hand written thank you note or card expressing your gratitude
3) Send a letter to their superior and/or the CEO telling him what a great job they do
4) Buy lunch and have it delivered to their office for everyone to enjoy
5) Take them to a special event like baseball, football or hockey game
6) Help to get them written up in trade magazines
7) Have coffee and a piece of cake delivered on their birthday

These are just a few ideas I thought worth mentioning but there are literally dozens of neat and interesting ways to say thank you.  The key to customer appreciation is not the amount of money you spend but the thought you put into it and frequency of your gratitude.  Please keep in mind, there is no rule that says customer appreciation should only happens around the holidays so make sure to show appreciation regularly and in unique ways to stand out from the crowd.

Now the question is, as freight brokers should we limit our gratitude to just customers or should it carry over to our core carriers as well?  In my experience, carrier dispatchers, load planners and drivers are many times under appreciated by freight brokers and that is a huge mistake.  The value of a sincere “Thank you” to one of your core carriers can go miles in differentiating you from the pack and it’s amazing how a large cheese and pepperoni pizza can help to make truck capacity magically appear in tough to cover lanes. A large pizza costs about $10-$12 in Buffalo, NY and in my experience the value and ROI can easily exceed 100+ times the investment when done right!  The key is never stop searching for opportunities and ways to say thank you.

I learned early on in business that relationships are the key to success and showing appreciation and gratitude is important for any healthy relationship.  At LDi we appreciate and value our relationships so we invest and say thank you regularly to everyone that has made it possible for us to become one of the most successful agent based logistics providers in North America.

So now it’s time to hear from you!  Do you have an interesting, fun or unique way of saying thank you or a quick story on how others have shown you their appreciation or said thank you?

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