10 Things Freight Brokers Can Be Thankful For

Number one, sorry about the title, I know you are never supposed to end a sentence with the word “for”.  :)  Number two, I apologize for not posting more often but considering the holidays I wanted to share this post with you.  Agree or disagree but here are 10 things I believe all freight brokers and freight agents can be thankful for.

1. You live in America so be thankful that you have the right to own and operate your own business, along with all the other rights afforded you as an American including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

2. The economy truly is getting better. Yes things are difficult for many but I believe there are many positive signs which are pointing to a continued recovery in 2012/2013. Good news for the whole logistics community including freight brokers and freight agents.

3. The FMCSA settlement which clarified the subjectivity forced upon freight brokers and shippers to try to use CSA 2010 SMS methodology and data to qualify the use of a motor carrier.

4. Transportation Intermediary Association (TIA) and all they do for the logistics and freight brokerage community including programs like TIA Political Advocacy, TIA Watchdog and TIA Certified.

5. Social media/internet has made building and developing meaningful business relationships with vendors, customers and prospective hires easier and more transparent than ever.  Websites like www.facebook.com, www.linkedin.com, www.youtube.com, www.internettruckstop.com and www.getloaded.com, just to name a few, have changed sales, marketing and sourcing carriers forever.

6. Smartphones & Wifi that allow us to run, manage and track our freight brokerages from virtually anywhere.

7. Being your own boss because that means you have the power to make your own decisions.  You wanna take a day off to go ahead, you want everyday to be casual day go ahead, you want to give everyone a 10% raise this year go ahead.  You get my point! :)

8. There are lots of talented people to hire these days due to economic downturn over the past few years.  So it’s a great time to scoop up talent that can help to drive your business for the next 5+ years.

9. Great employees. Without great employees businesses do not run and the freight brokerage business is a service business that is undoubtedly based heavily on people.

10. Loyal customers and carrier partners are the fuel which allow the doors to open everyday so let’s make sure to never forget them and show them gratitude every chance we get!

So take a minute and click the link below where it says “leave a reply” and tell everyone what you’re Thankful for?

Enjoy the holiday and be safe!

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Best wishes,

Dennis Brown
CEO, Logistic Dynamics, Inc.

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